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Home drainage systems usually use PVC pipes, such as gutters and drains. Compared to other types of pipes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a favorite because the selling price is more affordable than other materials such as aluminum and zinc. Another advantage is the resistance of the material from acid to alkali which can erode the pipe coating in the long term, is non-conducting, anti-rust, and has lighter weight. An easy installation process without the need to be assembled first can also be a good consideration, especially if you plan to carry out the installation process independently without the help of a handyman. PVC material is one of the most widely used synthetic plastic polymers worldwide, with 40 million tons produced annually. Product durability usually ranges from 1-2 years before a new replacement is required to prevent the pipe from becoming rigid and prone to cracking and leakage. If you want to prevent severe damage from happening, you can hire the best MIRACLE ROOTER company.

Well, these are some tips for choosing the size of PVC pipe:

1. Adjust to your needs

Look again at the type of pipe that we explained earlier so you can choose the product that suits your needs at home.

2. Pipe strength test

When visiting a building shop, the seller will offer several different brands which of course you can choose according to your taste with quite varied quality.

You can also ask for the best recommendations if they are suitable for your needs.

3. Choose the right size

Use the sizing guide from a trusted source so you don’t go wrong with buying pipes that force you to spend more money.

4. Different channels, different pipes

Not only the size but also adjust the type of pipe with the channel you want to install the piping system.

For example, for bathroom needs with a heater system, you need a heat-resistant pipe of at least 85 degrees Celsius.

5. Use proper fittings and adhesives

The adhesive element should also not be underestimated because of its function to connect pipes.

Choose a product that is usually suitable for use with the model and brand of pipe that you will buy so you don’t have to bother looking for glue and separate fittings.

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