Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

While social distancing remains a requirement, larger rooms are needed for fewer people, and this demands better audio to ensure everyone can hear and be heard. But that’s not all. Different types and locations of venues from community halls to school gymnasiums are used to host events that require extra space. The audio visual dallas companies can increase revenue by providing in-room audio that flexibly accommodates changing arrangements and seating arrangements.

Wireless conferencing solutions provide the flexibility needed to make this space work. Professional has provided AV companies with a reliable wireless audio system that can be easily set up, scaled, connected to a network, and integrated into a variety of technical setups. This opens up more place options by eliminating the hassle of laying and hiding cables and minimizing the impact of temporary AV setups. Furthermore, wireless conferencing solutions will help event organizers adapt efficiently when social distancing requirements change once again.

While the risk of delay or cancellation remains, for many organizers “the show must go on” no matter what. Especially in the government and public sectors where the democratic process must continue amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A recent example involved a district council in Germany seeking an audio solution for a gym meeting that was modified to comply with social distancing measures. A local rental company provides the conferencing system. Excellent speech clarity even in difficult acoustic spaces allows 60 board members to do their business while spread out in the gym. This is just one example of how this allows AV rental companies to be agile.

The ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances and customer demands will be vital as the events industry adapts to various combinations of virtual, physical, social distancing, and live streaming formats. To bounce back after a period of significant turmoil, professional AV rental companies must seize the opportunity to expand their solution offerings and technical capabilities to meet these evolving needs. Engineering the audio technology needed to make things easy and events extraordinary give AV companies the power to act now.

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