Sun. May 19th, 2024

In the marketing world, there are two marketing techniques used, the first is Traditional Marketing and the second is Digital Marketing. Traditional marketing and digital marketing have the same goal, namely to both do marketing to your prospective clients, so they want to use your services. It’s just that traditional marketing and digital marketing have different marketing methods. What are the differences? Before that, you can visit King Kong SEO service reviews to get the best SEO service.

Traditional marketing is a conventional (non-digital) marketing technique. One example of traditional marketing that is often used is by placing advertisements in brochures, newspapers, or magazines.

Even though the internet world is currently developing, it cannot be denied that there are still people who are not used to it. Therefore, sometimes you can still apply traditional marketing to market your business. You can place advertisements in newspapers, distribute brochures, or advertise on billboards so that your prospective clients can easily find your business. One of the weaknesses of traditional marketing is that the results are not measurable at all, the costs used will also feel heavier. And perhaps the biggest disadvantage that you will feel is that traditional marketing is static, which means there is no more effective interaction with potential clients. This is the same as when you throw information in front of many clients and expect them to use your services.

Digital Marketing is a marketing technique that is carried out through electronic (digital) media. Digital marketing makes it very easy for you to do marketing.

One of the advantages of using digital marketing techniques in marketing your business is that the results you get will be more measurable, your business will be better known by many people, even an unlimited number of people. Digital marketing is also a very interactive way to reach potential clients because it utilizes various digital media such as social media that can be accessed by everyone. Another advantage is that there will be many more effective interactions between you and potential clients. While the weakness of using digital marketing techniques is that the business marketing process that you do will be easily imitated by many people and also digital marketing is very dependent on technology.

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