Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Many technological innovations are currently found, one of which is screen recording. Screen recording is the activity of recording the display on the screen or other visual output devices. Various activities on the computer screen can be recorded, including the sound (audio) produced. Then, the results of the screen recording can be saved and viewed again like a video in general. Get the best screen recorder for windows 10 on our website.

Screen recording is often used for e-learning activities. By utilizing this technology, students can play learning videos many times. It is not surprising that lecturers, teachers and students use screen recording technology to support teaching and learning activities. Its use is not limited to academic activities. But also in various fields, for example, business, seminar activities, and so on. So what software can be used to do screen recording? What are the steps for doing a screen recording? Here’s a full description.

There are a number of software that offer screen recorder features. The software will help users record various activities on the computer screen. The Microsoft Powerpoint application also has a screen recorder feature that helps record activities during the presentation. The same features can also be obtained by downloading applications such as ActivePresenter, Free Cam, BSR Screen Recorder, CamStudio, and so on. Here are the steps to install our app:

Download the application via our website.
After that right-click, then select ‘Install’ to install the application.
Click ‘Start’ to start the software installation.
Wait until the installation is complete.
When the process is complete, click ‘OK’ to close the application installation window.

To operate this application, the following steps must be performed:
Set the screen recording area. To record in full, select the ‘Region’ menu then click ‘Full Screen’.
To start recording the screen with audio, select ‘Options’ then click ‘Record Audio from Microphone’.
Once the audio settings are enabled, CamStudio can be used by pressing the ‘Record’ button.

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