Sun. May 19th, 2024

Fiber optic cable installation is needed so that the internet connection running in the office can be used without any significant disturbances such as weather disturbances and so on. In addition, fiber optic cable also has a much different speed compared to other types in its class. For those of you who need assistance in installing fiber optics, we recommend you to use fiber optic cable installation contractors. Judging from the name, namely fiber cable, it is certainly different from the usual cable. Need some special tools that can only be used for cable operations. The following are some of the tools needed for fiberoptic cable installation:

The first is the fusion splicer. In this case, to connect one optical fiber to another, of course, special tools must be used. As with equipment such as a fusion splicer which was specifically created to connect fiber optic cables that were previously separated. The way it works itself is to use a laser beam so that the existing fiber optic cables are melted together without any obstacles such as air bubbles and other particles that can hinder the performance of the fiber optic cable. This tool has been programmed in such a way that both ends of the optical fiber can fuse and produce attenuation which will come back again and this will depend on stripping and cutting the cable.

The second is fiber stripper. Those of you who are familiar with cables may know that in copper cables, we know devices like this too. The point is to peel off the skin of the fiber optic cable. In this case, this device has different stripping holes so that it can produce pure fiber cable before cutting. The third is the fiber cleaver tool. This is done when you want to cut the fiber optic cable device to be reconnected, you must use this device.

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