Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Fuel efficiency is certainly one of the main factors in choosing a car for daily use. However, a car that is claimed to be economical can be wasteful due to several factors. Reporting from the mobile tyre fitting london page, even though it sounds impossible, the fact is that a tire pressure below the manufacturer’s recommendation will increase the rolling resistance of the tire. This makes the engine have to work more than normal to make the tires spin and cause a waste of fuel. The solution is to check the condition of the tire pressure before driving and immediately adjust it if it is not enough. Usually, every car manufacturer puts the recommended tire pressure on the pillar near the driver’s door.

It’s the same with the human body, if the car engine is not fit enough, it will be difficult to carry out high-intensity activities and the distribution of energy is not optimal. Make sure the condition of the car is always in good health by regularly changing the oil in the recommended range and periodically checking the condition of the engine. In practice, road conditions can determine a car’s fuel consumption. The more congested road conditions, of course, will make the car work more often even though it is stationary. In addition to traffic jams, uphill road conditions can also make the car more fuel-intensive. Because it takes more energy to go through the uphill terrain. Another thing that makes a car a waste of fuel is because it is overloaded or carrying a load that is not the same as other trips. Carrying more goods or loads, of course, will increase the load on the engine to run the car. So, it consumes more fuel.

You could say this is the main factor and it is not easy to change the habit pattern, namely the driving style. The driving style is shrill, often stepping on the gas pedal deeply, and sudden brakes will make fuel consumption more wasteful. On the other hand, to be more fuel-efficient try driving at a constant speed, brake moderately, and avoid stepping on the gas pedal deeply.

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