Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

When you ask how to take care of and store diamond jewelry, here are the tips for you. Engagement/wedding ring is jewelry used daily. Accidentally or not, the jewelry will be dirty contaminated with sweat, chemicals, scratches, etc. Fortunately, dallas custom jeweler made of gold and diamonds is not easily damaged, but still requires treatment.

It is very important to clean your jewelry regularly so that it still looks beautiful and charming. Below will explain some ways to clean and care for jewelry in general.

– Handling
Try to remove engagement/wedding rings not in direct contact with the diamond settings because our fingers contain natural oils that will stick and will reduce the luster of the diamond itself. Wet your fingers with soapy water if the ring is hard to remove and the best time to remove the ring is at night when our fingers shrink.

– metal
Jewelry made from real gold will not change color. Often we call dull/faded rings. This is because the final ring polish (glossy or doff etc.) has reduced quality. Usually, within a year or more the jewelry will look dull due to scratches or scratches. Things that can be done, try to return to the place where you bought the jewelry to do the repack service. Prices that are pegged vary.

– Storage
Berlian has the highest level of violence among other precious stones. If you have diamond jewelry try to keep it from rubbing against other precious stones. Use a special ring jewelry box to store it. If you have to store it together, use a soft cloth to wrap it. Diamonds will scratch the diamond itself and other precious stones if rubbing.

– Protection from chemicals
Try to remove your ring if you are going to do bathing, makeup, cooking and so on. Daily use and activities carried out can cause a buildup of dirt in your ring. Sometimes this habit can also backfire for yourself. Missing rings in public places because they are accustomed to being released beforehand washing etc. My advice, for things that you think are simple and not too dirty, still use your ring. Try regularly every week to clean your jewelry specifically.

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