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Carpet is a necessity in the house that is there. Treatment can also be considered difficult and also includes easy. Well, carpets that are difficult to maintain or are too dirty and exposed to problems, trust our team of find this who are professionals in this field. But before, of course, everyone wants the best carpet for his house.

When visiting a carpet seller’s shop, whether offline or online, it is not uncommon for someone to be confused. This is natural because buyers will generally see a lot of carpet products. Starting from the brand, shape, motif, colour, size, and so on. The question is, which is the right carpet to buy?

To answer these questions, first, determine the function of the rug you want to buy. Are carpets just to complement and beautify the room? Or carpet to create an atmosphere in the room? Yes, as carpet choices vary, the use of carpets is also increasingly diverse. So, determine first what kind of carpet you need? After that, find the right one by recognizing the following types of carpet:

– Types of Carpets Based on Their Shape

Tile Carpet
The shape resembles tiles or ceramics with continuous lines and colours. The shape looks simple and elegant. This type of carpet is generally located in a spacious room, such as ballrooms, meeting rooms, and so on.

Tapestry rugs
This carpet is often found in relaxing rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms. Usually, the rug carpet is used to beautify the room and seat covers, to make it more relaxed and warm.

Tape Measure
This carpet is sold in meters with a size that can be adjusted to the needs of the buyer. Many are found in places of worship, for prayer mats or on certain occasions.

– Types of Carpets Based on Construction

Cut Pile/Tufted
Generally made by machine and has fur. Also called fur rugs with textures like hair or without weaving.

Loop Pile
On the contrary, this rug has fur glued or woven. Some are made by machine and some are embroidered by hand.

– Types of Carpets Based on Motives

The motive is thick with elements of art with a lot of decoration on the edges. Examples such as the Persian rug carpet.

The motive is simpler but gives an elegant impression. Combining elements of lines and colours, to create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

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