Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

You’ve just had your knives professionally sharpened, or perhaps you’ve honed your own blades at home after watching an online tutorial. But how can you tell if your knife sharpening efforts have turned your blades into the culinary equivalent of Excalibur? Fear not, London foodies! There are some classic and some might say, quirky, ways to test the sharpness of your kitchen knives without needing to slice into something that says “ouch.”

One of the most popular tests is the ‘paper test,’ which involves holding a sheet of paper aloft and slicing down through it with the knife. If your knife is as sharp as the wit of Oscar Wilde, it should cut through the paper like it’s a gust of the London breeze. But if it tears, catches, or requires a sawing motion, it’s back to the sharpening block for you.

For those who fancy a bit more of a challenge, there’s the legendary ‘tomato test.’ It’s simple: take a ripe tomato, place it on a cutting board, and gently press the knife against its skin. A sharp knife should slice through the tomato with little pressure, leaving a clean cut worthy of a spot in a food photographer’s portfolio.

Now, if you’re feeling particularly bold and your knives have passed the basic tests, it’s time for the ‘hair test.’ No, don’t worry – it doesn’t involve your locks. Find a piece of straw or a thin twig from your nearest London park (clean it, of course). If your knife can smoothly cut through without bending the straw, congrats! Your knife is sharp enough to duel with the fiercest of root vegetables.

Another fun test is the ‘onion test.’ A truly sharp knife should be able to dice an onion finely without causing too many tears. It’s a step up from mere sharpness; it’s about precision. If you can cut close to the onion’s root and still keep your eyes relatively dry, your blade is on point – quite literally..

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