Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Watching a drama stage may be a hobby for some people. The role is unique and can even bring the emotions of the audience into excitement. A drama actor should master the technique of playing a role so that his acting doesn’t seem careless. In linguistics, acting is a way of utilizing expression equipment (both physical and spiritual) as well as skills in using supporting elements. When use one-act plays scripts, an actor and actress must be able to portray the characters according to their characterizations. With strong cast acting, the quality of a drama will increase even more.

Several things are included as a means of physical expression, including:
• body skills (they should be able to make the best use of their bodies).
• flexibility of the body (not only dancers, but an actors must also have a flexible body to harmonize with the script).
• reasonableness of behavior (an actor must be able to fully control his role).
• proficiency in vocals (vocal clarity also plays an important role in drama).
• a wealth of imagination embodied in behavior (the actor’s imagination must be able to adapt to the role played).

Meanwhile, psychological expression equipment, for example:
1. Imagination
2. Emotions
3. Willingness
4. Memory
5. Intelligence
6. Feelings
7. Thoughts

If you can play the various expressions above, your acting will look more natural and by the character you are playing. In addition to expressions, you also need to be good at bringing dialogue. The things that need to be considered when reading drama dialogue are:
1. Pronunciation is the way a person pronounces the sound of a language
2. Intonation is a song sentence / high and low accuracy of tone (dialogue readers, news readers)
3. Tone is high and low speech/expression of mental state or mood
4. Tempo is the time or speed of movement or the speed of articulation of sound.

Well, those are some important things to consider if you want to be a drama actor. Of course, all skills cannot be possessed instantly. You need a lot of practice to be a good dramatic actor.

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