Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

It is important to choose the best suitable type of structure for piers. recommended reading structure is a type of structure that does not use the natural slope of the soil. In this type of structure, the sheet pile rows are fixed on the design water level to the design depth and then dredging the dredging according to the design depth on the seaside. The forces that occur due to the difference in elevation between the pier and the bottom of the pond in sheet piling are held back by the sheet pile structure. The pile is still needed to withstand the lateral forces from the ship that is berth or to help the sheet pile withstand the lateral ground pressure. This structure is planned using or without anchoring.

The deck on the pile structure uses piles as the foundation for the pier floor. All loads on the pier floor including forces due to berthing and mooring are received by the dock floor system and the piles. Below the wharf floor, the slope of the ground is made according to its natural slope and is covered with revetment reinforcement to prevent soil erosion due to water movement caused by ship maneuvers. To withstand the considerable lateral forces due to berthing and ship mooring forces, it is necessary to install each inclined pile. At the final stage of the pier work, the pier floor is made. It is a type of gravity structure wharf, which uses the principle that to withstand vertical and horizontal forces the structure’s load is used. This is made of hollow concrete filled with material such as sand to increase the weight of the structure. To use this system, it must be noted that the ground soil must have good characteristics.

The floating pontoon wharf uses Archimedes buoyancy to withstand the vertical loads that its main structure accepts. This floating dock system is a dock system that is commonly used on docks for ferries, where a freeboard height is needed from a fixed dock so that it can be used in high tide or low tide conditions. The jetty is the simplest of all, using a parabolic concrete foundation.

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