Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

The increasing number of accidents caused by drunken riders is proof that this problem is already quite severe. Unmitigated, many lives have drifted due to unconscious motorists who endanger themselves or others in the streets. In fact, the authorities have given a strong warning and also special attention to this drunk driver. But if you get caught in First-time DUI or Multiple DUI case, you can contact Tampa DUI Lawyers and use our best service.

One of the pieces of attention given by the police is to start the use of alcohol detector tools is quite sophisticated. This tool will be very useful to detect the level of alcohol owned by a rider who checked in a short time and the results are also quite accurate, even reaching 90 percent more. This detector is usually used by authorities in charge at night to avoid accidents caused by drivers who consume liquor. With the tool known as Drager Alcotest, the police can also detect if someone has just taken drugs. The existence of such a device is quite important, especially after special days such as New Year’s and New Year’s Eve evenings when many drivers have just returned from the night entertainment scene in a state of drunkenness. The punishment for those who are caught positively consuming these items is actually quite heavy, but still, this ban is not ignored by the drivers of the vehicle.

In particular, there is no special rule of the Act that specifically regulates when a person is found to be using alcohol or in a state of intoxication while driving. But when someone drives unconsciously and fails in a test by a police officer, the penalty received may be a fine, a license to be revoked, and also confinement in custody. Of course, the punishment used will get heavy when this drunk rider caused the accident.

From this, we know that it will be very strenuous if the law gets as drunk as driving drunkenly and causing other people to get hurt and even lose their lives. This is a warning to those of you who often force yourself to drive after a hangover and in a state of unconscious awareness. Therefore, hiring an experienced lawyer is the most appropriate choice if you have this case.

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