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Professor Pedro Sauer was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he began martial arts training at a young age, boxing at the age of 5 , then judo and taekwondo. His friend Rickson Gracie invited him to practice jiujitsu together with his younger brother Royler, who was only nine years old at the time. The results of this experience convinced him that Jiujitsu was the foremost effective of all martial arts, and he started training. subsequent day, Pedro completed a double specialization (economics and business administration) at the university and a postgraduate course at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas more available here.

He worked as a stockbroker in Brazil for eleven years before he decided to maneuver to the us and pursue a career as a Jiujitsu teacher. In 1990 he moved to California with the first wave of Brazilian JiuJitsu teachers. He lived in California with Rickson Gracie and trained daily with the Gracie brothers (Rickson, Rorion and Royce), his fatties Helio Gracie, his cousin Renzo Gracie and therefore the Machado brothers and lots of others. In December of that year, he moved to Utah, where he had lived for the past eight years and pioneered Brazilian jiujitsu within the southwestern us. Pedro received his black belt in 1985 from Helio and Rickson. Long known for the superior technical efficiency of his Jiujitsu, he began his career as a teacher in 1986 when he was asked to show at a corporation known in Brazil as Corpo / Quatro (Body of Four), where he taught and continued his education within the famous Jiu-jitsu.
Instructors Álvaro Barreto (who may be a Master Red Belt under Helio Gracie) After moving to Utah in December 1990, he was one among only two non-Gracie Black Belts to show at the Gracie JiuJitsu Academy (led by Rorion and Royce Gracie). If you want to know more available here, visit our website.

From 1996 he became the Official Representative Black Belt Instructor of the American JiuJitsu Association Rickson Gracie. Pedro currently lives in Virginia where he teaches Martial Arts at One Spirit. He also has several affiliated schools across the country and visits them regularly to supply intensive tutoring to students and teachers. he’s one among the foremost sought-after instructors within the us (of any combat discipline) and has given many public seminars across the country.

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