Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

When diving into the realm of orthodontic dental geofencing marketing, the landscape is riddled with stories of triumphant successes and, well, a few missteps. However, it’s those glittering success tales that make us sit up and pay attention. Let’s embark on a journey to explore a few orthodontic clinics that not only dabbled in geofencing but absolutely aced it.

1. The ‘Back-to-School’ Bonanza:
Dr. Olivia’s OrthoClinic had the brilliant idea of setting up geofences around local schools and colleges right as summer was ending. The result? Students and parents received notifications of ‘Back to School’ discounts on braces and aligners. Not only did this see a 25% uptick in consultations, but the buzz it created was palpable.

2. Post-Braces Care Packages:
SmileMakers Orthodontics didn’t stop at just attracting new patients. They geofenced local pharmacies and health stores. When patients who recently had their braces removed wandered these stores, they got notified about post-treatment care packages. Talk about being cared for even outside the clinic!

3. The Competitor’s Compass:
Rather than directly target competitors, ClearPath Orthodontics had a different strategy. They geofenced areas around competitor clinics. But instead of discounts, they sent out informative content about new orthodontic techniques and technologies they offered. Education, not confrontation, was their mantra. And it resonated, leading to a 15% rise in new patient queries over six months.

4. Community Champion:
BracesHub teamed up with local businesses. They geofenced coffee shops, libraries, and parks. Whenever someone entered these zones, they got notifications of community events sponsored by BracesHub, from free dental check-ups to educational seminars on oral care. It wasn’t direct marketing but brand-building, and the community loved it.

5. Birthday Bash Alerts:
Sounds quirky, but stay with us. PerfectSmile Orthodontics tapped into patient data to create a unique experience. On a patient’s birthday, if they happened to pass by the clinic or associated zones, they received birthday wishes, maybe coupled with a discount or free dental cleaning session. Personal touch? 100%.

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