Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Car tire pressure is very influential on comfort and even safety while driving. Tires are one of the components of the legs of a motorized vehicle. This part is in direct contact with the road so it is very important to maintain tire pressure and tire condition regularly. Underestimating tire pressure can cause a number of losses. If you feel uncomfortable with your current car tires, immediately replace them at mobile tyre fitting london.

The tire pressure of the vehicle’s tires should not be too hard and should not be too flat. If the tire pressure is not enough, everyone will know what the risk is. Why is excessive or insufficient tire pressure not good for your car?

Not too good at absorbing vibrations
The greater the tire pressure, the greater the volume of air in the tire. This condition will cause a hard tire texture because the tire pressure is coincident with each other.
As a result, the tires will lose their absorption of vibration due to excessive tire pressure. It feels we are like driving a car with iron. This will certainly cause an uncomfortable feeling because the car should run smoothly instead of vibrating especially if it passes through an uneven road.

Reduced driving stability
If the tire pressure is excessive, the car’s handling will automatically decrease because the texture of the tires is hard. Why is that? This happens because when the tire pressure exceeds normal, it will cause the tire to become stiff. Thus, the tires are less than perfect gripping the road. The effect is certainly dangerous because it can make the car skid. Unless your car is equipped with ABS, the effect may not be too pronounced.

It runs out faster in the middle
In addition, excessive tire pressure will cause the center of the tire to wear out first. Such conditions are very dangerous, because tires with worn tread grooves do not have good grip and are at risk of sharp objects that can cause leaks.

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