Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Improper water flow and clogged drains are one of the most common causes of flooding. Finding a miracle rooter number is easy, but you will get tired if you experience this often. To function optimally, the piping plan must meet several conditions according to the following criteria.

1. Carefully select the pipe and place it.
The pipe used is needed. The pipe requirements used are by the system, not too much but not too little. The placement must be right. Wrong placement, requires more pipes because it requires a longer distance to reach the outlet.

2. Simplify pipe maintenance.
Many factors affect pipe durability. It is normal for the pipe to be damaged. But with this damage, it is hoped that it will not interfere with the existing structural system. Although a little more will disturb the comfort of residents.
In order not to drag on for too long and the occupants do not feel comfortable, then ideally the pipe can be repaired immediately without damaging the structural system of the house.

Make pipelines easy to inspect. This happens if the system is not running well, an examination is carried out to get the “disease” of system failure. There is a right place to check the possible location of the “disease” so that it does not damage the existing building.

3. Pay attention to the health aspect.
Although related to dirty water and dirt, plumbing must also pay attention to health aspects. Precisely this exhaust pipe should not make the occupants of the house to be disturbed by their health. Leaking or using open drains in dirty water or sewage is not the right choice. When the rain comes with high intensity, the water in the channel will have the potential to overflow and cause flooding, as well as endangering health.

4. Does not interfere with the structure of the house.
Between plumbing and the structure of the house should not interfere with each other, both must be able to work according to their function. The size of the existing structural elements adjusts the plumbing system used.

5. Minimize bends.
The number of bends will reduce the smooth discharge or increase the obstacle. Moreover, if what is disposed of is solid waste, then the bend becomes an obstacle to the smooth rate of removing the dirt and can make it clogged. Try to have a few turns as possible. The number of turns will make dirt and wastewater swirl in the house.

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