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Depression is a mood disorder that causes feelings of deep sadness that lead to decreased interest and desire. Some say that depression can run in families. Is that right? Let’s find the answer here. Depression is a serious disorder that needs to be addressed. If allowed to drag on, this condition can cause a variety of emotional and health problems. The worst impact of depression is the emergence of suicidal ideation. On mindthebumps, we can help you to treat it.

Can Depression Run in Families?
The answer is yes. Genetics is one of the factors that are known to have a role in a person’s risk of experiencing depression. Experts say that about 40% of people with depression also have a depressed family, while 60% experience depression due to environmental factors and other factors. Other studies also show that a child with a parent who suffers from depression is three times more likely to develop depression.

So that you are prepared and not stuck in depression, follow some of the guidelines below:

1. Try to meet people more often
Studies show that you are more protected from depression if you have a good social life. Therefore, no matter how busy your activities are, make time to meet friends or do hobbies with new people.

2. Get enough rest time
Make sure you get enough rest because lack of sleep can put you at higher risk for depression. To be able to sleep faster, avoid caffeinated food or drinks before bed, and avoid playing on cellphones at bedtime.

3. Stay away from people who make you inferior
The study found that negative social interactions were associated with increased levels of proteins called cytokines. In addition to playing a role in the inflammatory process, this protein is also known to be closely related to depression. To prevent this, stay away from people who always make you pessimistic and have low self-esteem, be it your own friends or family.

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