Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Minimalist house gates with iron are very common. This gate is widely used because it has several advantages, such as being strong, durable, and not easy to rust. So that the iron gate can be used for a long time, routinely carry out maintenance. You can use an anti-rust coating to prevent the gate from rusting. Daily cleaning of dust and dirt. Give the paint a colour that is not easily visible when exposed to dust, such as black or brown. Additionally, if you prefer iron compared to other materials, perhaps you want to consider installing electric driveway gates made of iron.

The next recommended material for your minimalist home gate is wood. Those of you who want a simple yet elegant impression can use this gate. The type of wood that is usually used in this gate is also not arbitrary. Commonly used woods are:

Teak wood

Teak wood has the advantage of being the strongest and most durable wood. This wood has a distinctive colour, namely brown with uniquely shaped fibres. However, the growth of this wood is getting less and less, no wonder this wood is very expensive.

Merbabu Wood

This wood has almost the same quality as teak. The colour of this wood is brown, reddish, and there is also yellow. Meanwhile, the texture of this wood is a dotted straight line with a dark colour. It should also be noted that processing this wood requires special handling so it should not be careless.


This wood is a type of hardwood with a light brown colour. However, this wood has several drawbacks when used as a material for fences. The surface of this wood often looks cracked and does not have a less attractive grain.

Bengkirai Wood

This wood includes wood that is easily brittle because it will crack easily after drying. Even so, this wood is also classified as hardwood because it is often used for outdoor purposes. The surface of this wood is brownish yellow with a long and straight fibre texture.

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