Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

The meaning of flowers in a wedding bouquet is very important. Because the bride’s hand bouquet is a reflection of her heart. So don’t just choose flowers for the bouquet.

Even though it looks trivial, adding meaning to the flowers strung in a bouquet will make the wedding event more meaningful as well as add to the sacredness of the process of binding vows for the bride and groom. The bouquet is one of the important items at the wedding. However, often the bride is confused about how to choose a bouquet that matches her wedding ceremony. Here’s how to choose a bouquet according to the weddings theme.

1. Match the Dress

Matching it with a dress, a professional florist will mix and match the concept of a flower bouquet with the dress to be worn so that it looks harmonious and beautiful. The design, shape, and style will be according to the details and the theme of the wedding dress.

2. Pay attention to shape and size

It must be appropriate, not too big, and not too small, choose one that does not exceed your waist size. The shape is also very important, don’t be too busy because it will cover the details of the dress you are wearing. Conversely, if the dress is simple you can choose a full bouquet with many types.

3. Design as Desire and Convenience

Make a bouquet that does not only follow the personal desires of the bride and groom but is also comfortable to hold. Considering that it will be held in a short time, make sure you remind the florist to make it comfortable to hold and not tire your hands.

Marriage is a sacred procession that is the dream of every couple. Because it is done once in a lifetime, it must be prepared carefully and in detail, including the bouquet. It is important to know the meaning of flowers in a wedding bouquet.

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