Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

IPTV is a service that provides audio-visual content and can also be interactive based on Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol Television is a digital television transmission system using the internet protocol (IP) that passes through the IP network infrastructure with broadband. Broadband (broadband) is needed to transmit motion picture format with good quality and real time. Television transmission systems, which currently still use wireless broadcast transmission technology, with limited distances and signal reception, have now been developed using IP technology with a much wider range. The iptv canada service is more often offered in conjunction with internet & voice over IP (VoIP) services provided by the manufacturer.

This system is used to send digital television services to registered consumers (as subscribers) in the system. The digital television (signal) transmission allows it to be carried out using the Internet Protocol over a broadband connection, usually used in a better managed network (self-organized network) than the public internet with the aim of ensuring service quality. Most of these services are provided along with on-demand video facilities. In addition, there are provisions for the use of internet services such as web access and Voice over Internet Protocol. In this case, when internet internet service is also provided, it will be referred to as Triple Play.

In 1994, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC)’s World News Now became the world’s first television program over the internet. Then it grew rapidly until almost all major players in the internet industry offered their respective programs or content. The distribution of television programs via the internet is commonly known as internet protocol-based television or IPTV. The principle of distribution is almost the same as compared to traditional or wired distribution, where programs that have been digitized are distributed via internet protocol. There are types of IPTV services that are free or paid.

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