Sun. May 19th, 2024

Stickers can be used to indicate something that has been done, for example giving a sticker to a car that has been inspected and declared to have passed the emission test, after repair and service or as a specific sign to enter a certain area. Stickers can also be used as symbols of the type of product or what is commonly called a logo or emblem in the automotive sector, both motorcycles and cars. Many organizations or unions also use stickers which function as a sign of membership.

Stickers can also provide a sense of security for sellers and buyers of products. Serves to indicate that the product is new, has never been used or is original. In the automotive world, it can also be used as a security tool, for example on film stickers for sun protection glass.

Then, one of the easiest, cheapest and most efficient ways to advertise is to make a sticker that contains a sign, symbol or information about something they want to convey to others about the advertiser’s product.

Next, now we meet companies, kiosks, shops, stalls that make, provide and sell as a business. With standard materials that are cheap and easy to obtain, this business promises a hefty profit for sticker business people.

Furthermore, Sticker is also a product of art created through the creativity of the maker. The results of this art can be in the form of striping which is used to add artistic and aesthetic value to motorized vehicle products, both motorcycles and cars, decals, sticker printing on t-shirts, clothes, household appliances and furniture.

One of the benefits of stickers is as a decoration and sweetener of an object, for example on motorbikes and cars which we usually call decals or body striping. In the automotive world, the use of stickers is mandatory. There are even automotive enthusiasts who are willing to spend some money to get what they want.

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