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When you enter middle age or around 40 years, you may start to feel worried because you are not young anymore. Even at this age, the strength of the body is felt to decrease and considered getting closer to death. This can cause various changes in your behavior and emotions. Even though you realize that you are getting older, on the other hand, you also want to have fun like a young person. This is called the midlife crisis. In middle age, people are often haunted by anxiety and fear of death. A midlife crisis can also help a person feel young again when struggling to accept the fact that he is getting older. However, not everyone experiences a midlife crisis. How about further information? You can get the latest and most complete information only through

Research shows that a midlife crisis is not even a problem for most people in the world. A national survey of midlife crises in the United States reported that about 26% of participants experienced the condition. However, most participants reported experiencing a midlife crisis before age 40 or after 50 years. This raises the question of whether the crisis is related to middle age because middle age is generally around 45 years. The participants also said that the crisis they experienced was not caused by age, but a major event. Factors that can trigger the midlife crisis are divorce, job loss, or the loss of a loved one. Thus, the age at which the midlife crisis strikes can vary between individuals. In addition, this condition can also occur in both men and women.

Some people may mistake dementia as a midlife crisis because the health problem is also characterized by behavioral shifts or personality changes. Although dementia tends to occur in the elderly, the Alzheimer’s Society reports that 5% of cases begin before age 65. People with early dementia also have difficulty planning, organizing, or thinking ahead.

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