Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Articles are one of the important factors in getting many visitors to the website. Therefore, having quality content and good articles become the priority of some websites, especially websites that contain about services. Visitors can be interested in the services offered if the articles posted on the website can take their attention. A keyword is the key of the article because the authors can develop their thinking from a single word or pre-defined phrase. In this case, we should ask for help from King Kong SEO service reviews that we believe can provide the correct keywords. Make sure they know or have the method or formula to choose the right keywords. Basically, general keywords can not necessarily make the website ranked first because many other websites that use similar keywords. Specific keywords that have a particular word are also not necessarily an option because probably many people do not use those words.

How SEO services choose keywords?

Usually, customers will offer their own chosen keywords and will then be checked by a team of selected SEO services. We can also find SEO services that offer keywords if their customers have no idea. Not all SEO services tell their customers how to choose the right keywords because it is a secret but there are some SEO services that tell their customers. One way is to choose keywords with a monthly search of no more than 100,000. We can imagine if we use those keywords, certainly many articles are created with those keywords. Competition on the first page of search engines will be more stringent and we are hard to be there. Therefore SEO services will choose keywords with a number of searches less than 100,000 monthly searches. Generally, the selected keyword is not a keyword with 1 word but a phrase. So, if there is a search that contains one of the words of the phrase, our website page will also appear.

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