Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Geofencing is probably a great addition to your application because it can increase user involvement better. There are many possibilities to explore and you can even create sophisticated experiences using indoor beacons. With beacons in the room, you know exactly where the user has entered, for example, a shopping center. Adding geofence to a project is simple, but we need to keep in mind the power consumption at all times. This means we need to be careful about choosing the geofence propellant media and update level because both directly affect your application’s power consumption.

Therefore testing is very important to get a realistic idea about your application’s power consumption. Also, consider giving users the option to disable geofencing at all if they don’t want or need this feature.

Another benefit of geofencing is a feature in a GPS tracker. The busyness of parents lately has taken their time to gather with family. Job demands that cause them to be at work every day cause their attention and supervision of their families, especially children to be reduced. Not to mention if parents have sons and daughters who are studying outside the city, the supervision of their children is reduced. It is not uncommon to find cases that their children often lie to their parents where they go.

This, of course, will cause concern for parents, especially in times like now places of entertainment for young people, are everywhere. As one solution, the authors set up a system for monitoring the location of children to find out where their sons and daughters are and where their children travel. Child location monitoring system is an LBS (Location Based Services) system by utilizing GPS found on a smartphone. The coordinates captured by the GPS are sent to the server, then the server will display the location of the child’s presence on a map that can be accessed via a website or a parent’s smartphone device. Geofencing which is a virtual perimeter in a geographical area that uses location-based services is used to limit the area of child supervision. If the child goes past the specified geofencing limit, a notification will appear to the parent in the form of a message or alarm through his smartphone device.

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