Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Video Mapping if you describe it, there is Video and Mapping. The simple thing is that the video is mapped on the surface of an object or media. But how does Video Mapping work? The way Video Mapping or 3D Mapping works itself is not too complicated from its appearance. But in every aspect, various processes can develop and we can experiment in each of these processes. Starting from the aspects of the concept, content, tools to the fields that we will map later.

1. Concept & Content

Everything starts from the concept and audio-visual content that will be included as initial input. The concept can be in the form of a final description of what the Video Mapping will be like so that you can also imagine what audiovisual will be inputted to the next stage.

2. PC / Laptop and Software

Once inputted, the audiovisual content will be processed via a PC / Laptop following the Software specifications. These specifications can vary, starting from the processor, graphic card which determines the size of the output later, power and others. There are also various types of software that have their respective superior features in mapping.

3. Projector

Hardware Projector as a tool for distributing audiovisual input to output in the form of light that is fired through the lens. Projector specifications also vary, some use DLP, 3DLP, 3LCD, LED technology, and others.

4. Facades / Fields

The facade/plane is the final process that acts as a screen that results from the reflection of the projector light. This light reflection also causes various results depending on the material, light conditions to the color you want to display also affect the results of the video mapping.

Does that look too complicated huh? At first glance, it is complicated, because this technique needs to be tested many times to get the results we want. You can depart from many references on the internet. If you have tried it once, you will definitely be addicted to trying and experimenting. Good luck!

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