Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Having a house that looks clean and neatly arranged, who doesn’t want that?
But, often what comes true is the condition of the house that is messy, not neatly arranged, and dust everywhere.
If you think cleaning the house is a hassle, who’s to say?
With the following trick, you can make your house shine in less than 1 hour!
Or if you don’t want to do everything yourself, you can also use the services of a power washer in Houston, TX.

The first step to make the house look tidier is to put things back in their place.
For example, newspapers that are scattered should be put back on the shelves, and other items that are not in order should also be returned to their respective places.
That way, cleaning the house will also be easier because there are no items scattered around.

1. Clear Frequently Used Spaces

Clean from the terrace, living room, to the kitchen. Not only floors but also carpets and mats.
You can use a vacuum cleaner or diligently replace it.

According to Jotham Hatch, national training director of Chem-Dry, a US-based doormat cleaning service,
Carpets and mats are like a filter that traps dirt and allergens such as dust so they don’t enter the room.
To keep the function working properly, make sure you are diligent in cleaning these two objects.

2. Electronic Devices

Nowadays, family members are often seen holding cell phones, or tablets, or busy changing television channels with the remote control.

Just like kettle handles, these objects are also a source of bacteria.
Ashlee Edi recommends cleaning these electronic devices every night before going to bed using wet wipes.

3. Use the Two Minute Rule

Emma Gordon of Clutter advises against procrastinating cleaning something, especially one that can be done in two minutes or less.
For example, cleaning the remote control, putting dirty glasses and dishes in the laundry, and so on.
If you procrastinate a lot, not only will your homework increase, but bacteria will also appear.

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