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Caring for rugs requires special handling. Because if we are wrong or less precise in caring for it can make the rug quickly damaged and get dirty. By cleaning the rug properly with the help of water damage carpet service, your rug will last longer. You will need to clean the rug frequently using a vacuum cleaner, especially if you have just installed a new rug. Maybe it looks like your rug is still clean but the fibers on the rug can be mixed with dirt and dust. Well, if this dirt and dust are left, it will continue to accumulate. Besides not being clean, it is also not good for health and can damage the rug itself. At least clean the rug with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week, find this.

Focus cleaning on areas that people often pass by, because of course, that’s where the most dirt and dust sticks. Don’t walk barefoot. Caring for the rug can also be done with our daily activities on the rug. If during this time many people think that walking on the rug must be bare feet because to maintain cleanliness, then now it is revealed that this assumption is not entirely true. Our feet secrete oil and sweat. When your feet come into contact with the rug, oil and sweat will stick to the rug, causing dirt and dust to easily stick. To work around this, you can wear flip-flops or socks when walking on the rug.

Avoid washing rugs with soap. Avoid detergents or liquids containing soap to clean rugs. This is because the foam produced by soap can leave residual residues that can bind more dust to the rug. In addition, soap residue can also weaken the rug fibers, making the rug easily damaged or torn. Then the most appropriate material for cleaning rugs without the risk of damaging them is white vinegar. The trick is to mix one bottle of vinegar with one gallon of water. Sprinkle the mixture onto the rug, then brush briefly and rinse with clean water. If you’re worried about the vinegar smell, you don’t need to worry as the vinegar smell will go away in 24 hours as long as your rug isn’t kept damp for too long.

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