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Over a century has passed since the founding of the Native American Church, commonly known as the Peyote Way Church. This church is distinctive because it uses the psychedelic plant Ayahuasca and conventional Native American beliefs. Ayahuasca commonly referred to as “the vine of the soul,” promotes spiritual and physical healing. Visit our home page to see more details.

Quanah Parker, who belonged to the Comanche tribe, created the Native American Church in 1918. Peyote is a miniature cactus that contains the hallucinogenic substance mescaline, and Parker thought it was a method to communicate with the spiritual world and promote healing. The Native American tribes had long used peyote in religious rituals, but Parker was the first to build a formal church centered on drug usage.

Ayahuasca use in Native American churches is a relatively new phenomenon. However, indigenousAyahuascaies in the area have been using ayahuasca, a plant endemic to the Amazon rainforest, for thousands of years. DMT, a psychedelic substance contained in the plant, is known to cause solid hallucinations and a profound sense of spiritual ayahuasca. In the Native American Church, ayahuasca is used to help people connect with their ancestors and get a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm.

There is debate arAyahuascaNative American Church’s use of ayahuasca. The Native American Church has had to fight for the right to use Peyote and Ayahuasca in their religious ceremonies because it is prohibited to use psychoactive substances in religious rites in the United States. Despite this, the church has been able to carry on with its operations and has even received official recognition as a genuine religious institution from the federal governmentAyahuascative American Church’s usage of ayahuasca is only one instance of how ancient spiritual practices are being modified and incorporated into contemporary religious institutions. For thousands of years, people have used psychoactive chemicals in religious events, and this trend is likely to continue.

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