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When mopping the floor, you not only get rid of dust and germs but also reduce bad odors and remove oily dirt. This makes your home feel clean and comfortable. Here are instructions on some floor mops and floor cleaning materials to help you clean the floor — from the kitchen, room, living room, to the bathroom — as well as efficient mopping methods. On the other hand, you might check out the carpet cleaning sydney if you need to clean your floors quickly and effectively at the same time, especially when you’re too busy to do it by yourself.

Floor cleaning equipment

Before you start mopping, you need to make sure you have the right floor cleaning equipment.

Vacuum cleaner, broom, and dustpan

Multifunctional mop

There are several types of mops on the market based on shape, size, and material. The flat bearing mop is one type of mop that is easy to use for various maneuvers. The mop pads can be washed, reused and replaced. The disadvantage is that you may find it difficult to reach home corners. Tassel-shaped mop made of rope or long cloth is effective for mopping the narrow corner of the room and rubbing the materials that are attached to the surface of the floor. But this type is more difficult to clean because it is not easily removed and washed. Sponge type mop is suitable for flat surfaces. In general, any type of mop you can use depends on the type of floor and the shape of the room.

Floor cleaner, disinfectant, or carbolic acid. There are many types of floor cleaners for sale on the market and each is produced specifically for certain types of floors – wood, tiles, ceramics/porcelain, or plastic. Make sure you use products that suit your floor type because some products contain certain chemicals that can damage natural materials such as real wood and thin tiles.

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