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When it comes to furniture, there are many types of furniture, ranging from multifunctional furniture to ordinary furniture in general. But what distinguishes it is the material for making furniture. One of the materials that is most often mentioned is glass furniture. Glass furniture is the target of many people because it is easy to care for us to do ourselves. Then how to care for glass furniture so that it can be durable and long-lasting when we use it? You can visit

1. Clean Stains Carefully
Glass is a material that is easy to care for in terms of maintenance, but you still have to be careful when cleaning any stains that are right on the table, for example. Make sure that before you clean the stain on the table using a cloth, you know the type of stain. This is useful to avoid tables made of glass from scuffing, scratches, which can damage the glass quickly.

2. Selection of Glass Cleaning Liquid
Did you know that there are several types of liquid that are specifically used to clean glass-based furniture. One of the liquids that you can use to clean furniture from glass is alcohol. Besides alcohol, you can also look for other cleaning liquid options that are safe for glass materials.

3. Type of Cleaning Cloth
You need to know that glass tends to be very sensitive to rough or sharp objects. Once you wipe or wipe the furniture with a rough cloth, it is not impossible that the glass furniture will give scratch marks that are very unpleasant for us to look at. Of course this can also damage the aesthetics of your furniture. As an alternative, you can choose a cloth made of microfiber cloth, which is a cloth specifically designed to clean glass surfaces.

4. How to Clean
It’s not just the type of liquid and cloth that requires a special design, when cleaning the glass surface there are several ways you can follow. Clean in one cycle, avoid cleaning the glass surface in two alternating cycles. Because, if you clean the glass surface irregularly, then when the liquid dries it will leave marks or stains if we look at it in detail. It’s different if you clean the glass surface in one round, it won’t leave a mark when it dries on its own.

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