Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Diamonds are luxurious jewelry that has a high selling price. Therefore, as much as possible you have it intact so that the value remains high. This is also related to the characteristics of the diamond itself. However, don’t confuse the weight of a diamond with gold. However, if you simply need to buy a diamond ring for your engagement, we recommend you take a look at custom engagement rings.

In the process of choosing a diamond, there will be a significant difference in price between a diamond that has been cut and a diamond that is still intact.

As an initial investment, it is better to look for an already jewelry diamond of sufficient size. The rest, adjust it to the budget you have. It is important to know, if the weight of the diamond has been reduced or reduced, the jewelry store will sell diamond necklaces at affordable prices.

Like gold bullion or precious metal, diamonds also have a certificate of authenticity. Any diamond with a size above 0.5 carats will usually come with an official certificate. Also, real diamonds have a special serial number identity.

What is the process for certifying a diamond? Know that diamonds will be examined in-depth in a laboratory for very detailed and in-depth information.

This information includes the 4C, namely cut, clarity, color, and carat. Then there are proportions, finishes, and actions taken such as natural cutting or carbon ripening.

Beginners in this matter need to ask that the party offering the diamond must present an official certificate. This is to avoid fraud, especially since most beginners have not been able to distinguish diamond quality based on the characteristics of the diamond itself. For this purpose, the certificate will contain the diamond’s weight, clarity, cut, and color.

In ensuring the authenticity of a diamond, choose a trusted gold shop and jewelry store that sells real diamonds with complete certificates and letters. Trusted shops only sell genuine and certified diamonds that can be tested for authenticity.

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