Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The gemstone moldavite has developed quite a reputation for its purportedly mystical qualities over time. Although its scarcity has resulted in a rise in the number of fake Moldavite stones on the market, its distinctive green color, pattern, and texture set it apart from other gemstones. One typical fallacy is the idea that since Moldavite has bubbles, it must be accurate. So, are bubbles possible in genuine moldavite stones? where can i buy moldavite?

Let’s start by discussing what Moldavite is. It is a tektite, a natural glass created by the impact of a meteorite. Moldavite was made in specific circumstances that gave rise to its distinctive features, including its green color and bubbles. Bubbles alone, however, do not ensure that the Moldavite is authentic.

Now, fake Moldavite stones are also capable of having bubbles. Yet, these bubbles are frequently too flawless, symmetrical, and constant to be natural. In addition, because of how a real Moldavite stone is formed, its bubbles are frequently atypical in size, shape, and placement.

Another thing to remember is that imitation Moldavite stones are frequently created using contemporary glass-making methods, which might result in glass bubbles. These bubbles, however, are distinct from the bubbles present in Moldavite, which are a byproduct of the development of the stone.

What can you do, then, to make sure your Moldavite is authentic? The best option is to purchase your Moldavite from a reliable retailer like Inner Vision Crystals, which imports its minerals directly from the Czech Republic. They offer complete details regarding the stone’s provenance, quality, and authenticity.

There are a few ways to verify the genuineness of a Moldavite stone you own. You can first use a magnifying glass or a microscope to examine the stone. Of course, it’s a fake if the bubbles are overly consistent, symmetrical, or perfect. As actual Moldavite, you can also try using a black light to see if the stone fluoresces.

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