Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Brainwaves therapy like binaural beats is music that is made with a frequency setting that has been made in such a way, and if listened to regularly will affect your brain. Brain wave therapy such as Zen12 v Omharmonics v Centerpoint Holosync v Hemi-Sync is claimed to increase IQ, increase height, and make it easier to sleep. The brain waves referred to in the term brainwaves are waves with a certain frequency calculation and combination that can change the structure and thought patterns of your brain, specifically the subconscious brain.

To be able to control the body, the brain needs a tool called a hormone. The hormones produced by the right brain are different from the hormones produced by the left brain. The more certain hormones are produced, the more certain properties or effects will be caused by the body. Certain hormones can be produced under certain stimuli. Certain stimuli are received from the outside, sent by the body to the brain, then the brain as the main controller will determine which hormones should be produced and how much of it is produced.

Based on the working system that brainwaves are used. Brainwave therapy functions to slowly change or control the brain, but what brainwaves control is the subconscious, not the conscious brain. Each wave has different characteristics and can describe a person’s mentality. Brainwaves you can understand through everyday life. A simple example is when you sit on the beach while listening to the waves, the ripples of the water, and the chirping of birds, which on average have 10 sounds every second, making you feel relaxed, relaxed, and at peace. That’s because these sounds make your brain respond to produce alpha waves with a frequency of 10 Hz so you become relaxed and more creative.

This simple thing explains how brainwaves work to affect brain performance and have a direct impact on the body. You have to understand one thing that each wave frequency has its effect on your body and mind.

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