Sun. May 19th, 2024

Making a separate baby room has become the most important thing in new families. However, there are concerns when the baby is left sleeping alone in the next room. On average, parents are finally willing to go back and forth between rooms to just check if their baby is sleeping peacefully. Thanks to the help of a video-type baby monitor like you can find at, this doesn’t need to be done anymore. Especially now that there are many video-type baby monitors on the market. As a recommendation, understanding the types of video baby monitors that are safe for you to choose from is very important.

A baby monitor is a best seller series in various countries. You will be pleased with its triple-lens feature. The first lens is wide-angle. This type of lens is suitable for use if you want to see the room as a whole. This is perfect for those of you who have toddlers who like to move here and there. The second lens is normal. This lens works like any other baby monitor lens. The angle taken is by the location where the baby unit is placed. The third lens is zoom. This lens allows you to see your baby up close and clear.

Another plus, this device is that the camera angle can be set remotely from the parent unit. The system already supports connecting 4 cameras as needed. It is very suitable if you have more than one child so you can monitor it simultaneously. Video-type baby monitors are usually quite expensive. Well, if you want a device that is quite affordable, please choose the right one.

Maybe look for a device that is equipped with a monitor with the Fox mode feature. This feature will automatically set the battery position to save mode when the baby is still. Then, the screen will turn back on when the baby cries. This mode can help you save battery up to 12 hours in a dark screen state and can last 8 hours when the screen is on.

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