Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

At Today Flowers, we recognize the value of providing our clients with stunning, well-presented floral arrangements. Ensuring flowers are expertly wrapped to protect them during transit is essential to flower delivery. This is a unique tutorial on how to package flowers for delivery.

Assemble your resources
Tissue paper, cellophane wrap, ribbon, and scissors are required. For a visually appealing outcome, select tissue paper and cellophane wrap that matches the hues of your bouquet.

Towel paper should be cut.
Ensure the tissue paper is big enough to wrap around the bouquet before cutting it into a square.

Set up the bouquet.
Make sure the stems are even and straight as you arrange the flowers in your style: add filler flowers or greenery for a more ornate appearance.

Tissue paper should be used to wrap the bouquet.
Wrap the tissue paper around the bouquet after placing it in the center. At the base of the stems, tape the tissue paper in place.

Cut the cellophane wrap.
Ensure the rectangle you cut from the cellophane wrap is big enough to cover the bouquet.

Cellophane should be used to wrap the bouquet.
The bouquet should be placed in the middle of the cellophane wrap, with the sides raised to enclose it. To hold the extra cellophane at the bottom of the bouquet, twist it.

Tie a ribbon.
Choose a ribbon that goes well with the bouquet’s hues and wrap it around the twisted cellophane at the base of the arrangement. For a more decorative touch, you can decide to tie a bow.

Trim the stems.
The bouquet should be put in a vase filled with water after the stems have been cut to the proper length.

You can ensure that your bouquet is wrapped securely and attractively by using this innovative advice on covering flowers for delivery. You can rely on Today Flowers to care for your flower delivery needs since we take pride in providing our customers with lovely, expertly-wrapped flowers.

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