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Along with the rapid development of computer technology and the internet which is increasingly sophisticated, many new trends have emerged into the virtual world. One of them is the trend of covering songs & music videos through YouTube and other video sharing sites. Not only have they succeeded in gathering a large number of subscribers, but some quite successful cover musicians can also commercialize their works by selling their cover songs on iTunes and other similar platforms. You can read the article apogee duet 3 vs to find out what equipment you need to produce smooth, shatter-free recordings.

Guide / Tips for Building a Home Recording Studio Package:
Here’s a guide to building a home recording studio that’s right for you, including the recording studio package you must have:

1. Computer / Laptop With Adequate Specifications
First, for the studio recording package for home recording, you need a computer with adequate performance. Processor speed and memory capacity are very important to note because recording software tends to drain computer resources.

For operating systems, both Windows and Mac are equally reliable. Just choose the one you are familiar with. Even so, if you use Windows, it will be easier to upgrade the sound card because generally, the factory default (onboard) sound card is not sufficient to produce high-quality recorded sound.

2. Recording Software For Studio Recording
The second component you need is a recording application or software that provides an interface to manage your recordings on a computer. There is free software and some are paid. The more expensive the price of the software, the more features, and convenience it offers.

You can use a voice recording application that fits your budget to minimize your budget, just use the studio recording software with a freeware or shareware license.

The voice recording application and recording studio application mentioned above will help you to get good and maximum results during recording. You can also use the above application when recording voice for singing or other purposes that you can do.

3. Audio Mixer Application For Recording Studio
Just like audio recording software, you also need software to mix it. You can use free or paid audio mixer applications.

4. Audio interface
An audio interface is a device that will connect your musical instruments and microphone to your computer via a mixer. The audio interface functions the same as a sound card for recording, but the resulting recording quality is much better than the onboard sound card. If using a PC, the audio interface can be directly plugged into an empty PCI slot while for a Mac, it looks like you have to look for an interface that can be plugged into a USB or FireWire cable.

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